Radio Club Riihimäen Kolmoset, OH3AD

OH3AD or Riihimäen Kolmoset ry. is an amateur radio club founded on 18.9.1949 with a membership of about 100 people. We have members mainly from Riihimäki, Loppi, Hausjärvi, Tervakoski and Hyvinkää regions, but there are also members from all over Finland. In addition to the OH3AD call, we also use the club’s other call OH3D in competition work and expeditions. In celebration of the club’s 70-year history, we also use the OG70AD call.

Club evenings at OH3AD clubhouse on Wednesdays from 18:30 (less crowded at Christmas and summer holidays period, but almost always someone is at the club).

      There are many aspects of amateur radio field in our activities:

·         Voluntary civil protection

·         DX  and competitive HF work

·         QSL card collecting and working certificate hunting

·         Activations, e.g. islands, municipalities, etc.

·         2 m and 70 cm short-range and long-range work

·         DMR

·         Computer and software related studies and software exploitation

·         Packet radio and digi -working

·         Construction of equipment and antennas

·         Training and qualification of new amateurs

·         Remembering about the good old days and general social relaxation at club evenings

       Postal address: Riihimäen Kolmoset ry, C/O Jukka Tamminen, Lopentie 47 as 5, 11710 Riihimäki

       Address of the clubhouse: Eprantie 25, Riihimäki

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